LGBTQ+ Relationship Coaching 

Helping queer individuals create and sustain deep, authentic relationships they feel safe in.

Coaching Services

1-on-1 coaching with LGBTQ+ individuals who are wanting a deeper connection to themselves, to others, and to the role that they want to play in this magical game of life!

You are in relationship to yourself, to the people around you, and to the world at large. Why not enjoy the ride and actually get good at relationships?

Liana Griebsch

Moving Beyond

the Label

Do you know yourself beyond the LGBTQ+ label you identify with? Do you want a loving, meaningful relationship to that person you stare at in the mirror?

Connect Through


Tired of running away from the hard conversations that inevitably arise in relationships? Do you want to connect more deeply through communication instead of crumble?

Establish Clear,

Healthy Boundaries

What are boundaries? Who needs them? And how in the world do you even create boundaries if you’ve never done it before?

Liana Griebsch,

your coach

I am here to help you feel more aligned with your true, authentic self so that you can create meaningful, and deep relationships. Whether it is the relationship to yourself, another person, your job, or the world in general, I can be the support that you use to achieve your goals. No more settling, no more having unmet needs, and no more saying “yes” to all the things you want to say “no” to.

I’d Love to Help

I Have Experience With…

Connecting To Your Authentic Self

The waves of life are ever-changing and so are we as human beings. Despite the changes that we go through, there is that one constant part of your essence. Who are you at your core? Do you know that beauitful being who looks back at you in your reflection no matter your age, situation, location, or relationship status? Settle into yourself and feel into your own power.

Gaining Clarity On What You Want In A Partnership

Forget what you have been told to want. Forget the expectations that movies and TV shows have created for you. This is about what you want and need in a partner. And we are not talking about height and hair color. Who do you want your partner to be at their core? What kind of relationship are you wanting (monogomous, polyamorous, etc.)? What shared values are priority for you? How do they show up in life? What can you provide a partner with? Because yes, you are a part of this process too.

Strengthening Communication Skills

It does not matter if you are happily in love with your partner(s) or if you are so terrifed of relationships that you are reading this from the isolated cave that you have hidden yourself away in, communication is ever-present. You communicate in your family, with friends, with strangers, at work, on the phone, in person, and with yourself. Yes, even talking to yourself is a form of communication my dear little cave-dweller. Do you freeze in situations of conflict? Do you explode and spew out poisonous words to all around you? Can you clearly make requests for your needs? It’s time to do some reps and get that communication muscle strong as hell.

Creating A Community Of Love And Support

It can be common to feel like an outcast as someone who identifies as LGBTQ+, but that simply means you get to create your own community. Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, pets, the random cashier you always talk to – there is such an abundance of seeds to plant in your garden to get that community love and support growing. Humans are social beings, whether that means you want a lot of people in your community or a select few. You have a say in this no matter what has happened in the past. The present and future are waiting for you create the masterpiece you have been longing for.

Discovering What Sets Your Soul On Fire

First things first, you are enough as you are now. This is not about proving yourself to anyone or comparing yourself to others. This is about what lights you up and motivates you to grow and grow. What are your strengths? What tickles your heart just thinking about it? Where do you feel in flow and like you are living with purpose? This does not mean a career, but it could. This is about life and how your soul wants to show up in it as. And yes, this can change and evolve too.